Top Ranked Law School Education

1. Our selective class of only 167 students is what fraction that of Harvard Law School?  _______
2. What is the student/professor ratio at SLS compared to Harvard’s 12/1 ratio?  _____
3. Fittingly, the law school most often ranked #1 in the world by the Wall Street Journal study, and again ranked #1 by U.S. News and World Report, is ________.
4. Hint: ‘Tis the law school of this university:


“The top ranked university in the world” *
The most #1 ranked graduate schools in the world *
– Law, Business, Medicine, Computer Science….
Most NCAA Championships (both team and individual titles)
Largest campus in the world
Alma Mater to Google, Nike, Tesla, Cisco, Nvidia, Schwab, Netflix, Hewlett Packard,
Yahoo, YouTube, Sun Microsystems, Instagram, Trader Joe’s, Victoria’s Secret …
totaling world’s 10th largest economy
Awarded best and winningest sports program nearly every year
since 1994 inception of Sports Directors’ Cup
Repeatedly win more gold in Olympics than most continents,
finishing as high as 4th and now 6th among countries
* Most often. Wall Street Journal-Times Higher Education; U.S. News & World Report


1. Less than one-third (1/3)

2. A far superior 7/1 ratio

3. Stanford Law School

4. Stanford University     See