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    Domestic Partnership Attorney,

    Mark J. McGowan

    Beginning any domestic partnership calls for a written agreement defining your interests and expectations, to minimize confusion and conflict down the road. Terminating a domestic partnership requires even more legal expertise, including whether or how you can avoid divorce court.


    Regardless how you define your relationship, negotiated written agreements can be extremely helpful in defining and protecting your rights against third-party interference in the event of a serious accident or breakdown in your relationship.

    Contact The Law Offices of Mark J. McGowan, PC for help with the practical and legal aspects of your domestic partnership. Our legal expertise, advice, and guidance can help you in such situations as:

    • Documentation and registration of a domestic partnership agreement
    • Estate planning to define rights to inheritance, medical or financial decisions in the event of incapacity or guardianship of minor children
    • Adoption: joint adoption, adoption of a partner’s child or surrogate adoption
    • Clarification of property rights and liability for debts in the event of dissolution
    • Child custody and support concerns in the event of a discontinued relationship

    The laws surrounding same sex couples are ever changing. Laws concerning the recognition of same-sex couples are still unsettled. In some areas of the country, your domestic partnership may give you the same rights and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples. If you relocate to a state that does not have the same standards in place, you may risk inheritance rights, parental rights and the ability to make healthcare decisions for an incapacitated partner. Be certain you know your rights surrounding domestic partnership and relocation.

    Understanding your legal rights when entering into domestic partnerships can help you avoid later conflicts. Couples seeking to dissolve a domestic partnership need as much legal help as married couples pursuing divorce.


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    Dear Mark,

    You have been my go to person for the last 4+ years in my domestic partner situation. The last several months you have given me advices that I was sometimes reluctant to take. Fortunately I followed your advice and it saved me a great deal of money I had expected to have to pay.

    Your professional expertise I am sure I will seek in the future.

    My sincere thank you for your work on my part.

    Yours truly,

    Peggy M.

    Mark McGowan has been very helpful to me in writing a will & trust prior to my marriage, and then did an excellent revision afterwards to reflect my new marital status. I needed an old document last week that I could not locate, and he got it to me within minutes of asking. Great service!

    John L.

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