Mark J. McGowan, Esq.

Mark McGowan is here to help your business ventures not only succeed but flourish, even in the face of adversity. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford University (1981) and of Stanford Law School (1984). He is devoutly dedicated to providing each selected client with personal, caring counsel, attentive accessibility, diligent performance and quality service.

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    I am truly honored and tremendously lucky that I found Mr. McGowan to represent me through an extremely messy custody battle. I finally get to see my son after 2 years, and the justice that was served has changed my life. Although it is still on-going, I couldn’t ask for more of an experienced, well-educated, thoughtful, and classy attorney by my side. 5 stars for my superb attorney!

    Phi L.

    Mark McGowan was highly recommended to me by several friends in the desert. So when I needed assistance with a legal matter, I sought out Mark. Wow! From the beginning, I could see that Mark was warm and caring. He took the time to really listen, and was quick to provide me feedback and choices to consider, if I wanted to proceed. Of course, I wanted to move forward. But only if I worked with Mark! He was passionate about my case, and the big bonus was that he was so accessible. I have just moved out of the area, but Mark will continue to remain my attorney. Yes, I highly recommend!

    Anne R.

    Mark McGowan has been very helpful to me in writing a will & trust prior to my marriage, and then did an excellent revision afterwards to reflect my new marital status. I needed an old document last week that I could not locate, and he got it to me within minutes of asking. Great service!

    John L.

    I highly recommend him, he walked me through and we were successful in the case!!!! OUTSTANDING JOB.

    Luis T.

    I had the pleasure of having Mark as a family law attorney for a number of years. I lived in Illinois and had used him for 3 separate custody battles. All of which I won. Keeping the children in Illinois. The funny thing is that I had him as an attorney for 8 years and had never physically met him until the third battle started. 

    He always advocated on my children’s part and even went so far as to ask if I wanted to stay in his guest house during my visit. This was a man that laid his whole self out for his client. Myself and my kids. It was a couple years since I had talked to him and I was missing his assistant when I called. He had an amazing southern bell of a lady working as his right hand. When I spoke to him I found out she had actually passed. Mark and his teammates were like an acquired family and I was truly saddened by that. 

    He is a great attorney, a strong advocate for rights, and a truly great guy. Over the years as I progressed in my own career he would even give me praise and say that is amazing. If you want a person to take your family’s wellness to heart and fight for the good. He is your man.

    Thank you Mark. Wholeheartedly.

    Adam S.

    As a couple moving to the desert on a full time basis, it was time for us to update our wills and trusts and all of the other documents that go with this process. Mark was introduced to us, we interviewed him and the rest is history. Very easy to work with and he is very, very thorough. Very attuned to detail and that was important for this project. We found him to listen to us and guide us in the direction to produce the best result. We would highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.

    Wally G.

    Went over and above for what was needed, and advised you as to what was needed to accomplish the task.

    R. S.

    We asked Mark McGowan to review a 140-page contract for a new build home we are considering purchasing. Mark did an excellent job highlighting the areas in the document that we should be concerned about. He was able to describe in plain English what protections were built into the document that were advantages to us, and what was meant to safeguard the Seller. As it turned out, the contract was fairly drawn up and it gave us the confidence to proceed with the transaction. When you’re spending nearly 7-figures on a home that you plan to spend the rest of your life in, you want to be reasonably assured that your interests are protected so that there are no surprises. Mark gave us that assurance, and made a few other suggestions that were quite helpful. I highly recommend his services! He is responsive, experienced, and a professional.

    Tom B.

    We were looking for 4 key things when looking for a lawyer to assist us with our prenuptial agreement –

    1) Knowledgeable

    2) Trustworthy

    3) Quick (we only had a month to the day from initial contact to our elopement date)

    4) Able to do the work remotely until the point of signing (as we are about a 1.5 hr drive, and have a newborn at home)

    Mark checked off all these boxes and more. He was so quick, efficient, and meticulous in drafting our prenuptial agreement. He made a couple of slight adjustments to our agreement to fit our specific needs and tackled all our questions with ease. We are so grateful for Mark and his expertise and excited to begin our married life worry free!

    Erin K.

    I have used the Law Office of Mark McGowan for over 15 years in regards to my business and personal affairs. I have found his services to be extremely efficient and professional and would highly recommend them to others. Mr. McGowan is easy to get along with and is responsive and takes care of any issues in an expeditious and timely manner. I will continue to use Mr. McGowan’s services for all my needs in the future.

    R. A.

    I needed representation regarding a dispute with a partner involving real estate. It was a ‘time of the essence’ situation and very stressful. I called Mark after Googling local attorneys and he responded right away and took care of all my concerns and worries. Having Mark on my side and knowing we had a plan allowed me to get through the closing of the home without stress. Highly recommend. Mark is professional and thorough but still has a sense of humor 🙂

    Kata G.

    Mark McGowan: A very knowledgeable and professional attorney. Mark was on time with comments and was able to articulate important legal information in such a way that I could understand essential deal points. I will use Mark again if I need real estate law guidance in the future. Thank you.

    Herb B.

    We hired Mark McGowan to help out with a vacation rental issue, as we were unfamiliar with the laws in California. Mark was very professional. He provided expert legal guidance, communicated effectively throughout the process, and ultimately delivered a successful outcome. We would hire him again. He’s an excellent lawyer!

    Gail R.

    I needed advice on residing at a home that sold at auction. Mr. McGowan answered the phone himself. Was straightforward, respectful, and gave me the information I needed to address the initial issue. I am extremely impressed with Mr. McGowan’s professionalism and willingness to help. 

    George B.

    Mark helped me a tremendous deal trying to move my case forward in court. I appreciate how he provided many ways the case could go and any hurdles that could come up in the way, so I was always prepared for everything. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and respectful. It was a pleasure having him as my attorney.

    Nazam A.

    Mark was very helpful and professional when we consulted with him about a non-paying tenant. He helped us navigate this very complicated matter well legally, and was able to negotiate on our behalf so we received some payment for some back rent owed instead of nothing. He listened to us and managed the tenant firmly the way we wanted. We highly recommend The Law Offices of Mark McGowan.

    Yeti O.

    My spouse and I had been putting off and dreading the process of establishing an Estate Plan involving a new Trust, Will, Health Directives, etc. We were introduced to Mark by chance in the audience of a few concerts we attended and decided to consult him on a professional basis to help us with our Estate Planning, Health Directives, etc. We were introduced to Mark by chance in the audience of a few concerts we attended, and decided to consult him on a professional basis to help us with our Estate Planning.

    We were surprised and relieved at how easy and pleasant Mark made this process for us. He impressed us with his expertise and thoroughness and his ability to help us fully understand the issues involved. It all went so smoothly thanks to Mark’s professional skills as well as his “so cool” friendly personality and style.

    What a relief we feel now to have met Mark and now have this “nasty task” taken care of with such ease and comfort.

    Gary N.

    Mark did a premarital agreement for me and he did it very quickly. The price was fair and I would recommend him to my friends. He advised me and recommended what to include. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer.


    Being new to the area, we were unfamiliar with the California real estate legal landscape. Mark was able to advise us after quickly reviewing our documents. We very much appreciated the quick turnaround! Thank you, Mark. 

    Shannon S.

    As a first time home buyer, I needed Mark’s help to protect myself against the predatory practices of lenders. I only wished I had sought counsel with Mark before I signed the first document. I will send all my subscribers to Mark because he is trustworthy.

    Carol D.

    We needed advice quickly regarding a potential settlement on a rescission of our property. We called him two days before Xmas and he came into the office the morning of Xmas eve just to meet our timeline. He is smart, thoughtful and incredibly accommodating.

    Connie R.

    Over the past few days I called several attorneys to see if I could set up an appointment and get some answers about a real estate transaction. Nobody returned my call. I called Mr. McGowan’s firm and he was very prompt in answering my question and went out of his way to send me what I needed by the end of the day. I really appreciate this kind of service, and highly recommend him. I will definitely use him in the future for my legal matters.

    Laurie M.

    I had the pleasure of working with Mark McGowan recently, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. He provided expert legal guidance, communicated effectively throughout the process, and ultimately delivered a successful outcome. Mr. McGowan is not only a highly skilled professional but also a compassionate advocate. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of legal assistance.

    Nick E.

    A good, reliable lawyer is not only useful in today’s time, it’s essential. Mark is professional, reliable, and pays attention to detail. I feel at ease knowing that my situation was taken care of by Mark. I will continue to use his services and hope you all consider him as well.

    Mike R.

    As a former “Fortune 500” C.E.O, I have dealt with many qualified lawyers, in business and/or family law. Mark is well qualified in those areas of the law. He did an excellent job on a number of my family legal issues, including setting up my family trust. If you engage his services, don’t worry, you won’t be treated just as an object for chargeable hours. Mark makes you feel special, and he charges for productive hours only. I recommend him highly.

    Mike B.

    I called Mark to assist me with an X party restraining order. Mark personally answered the phone and listened to my ordeal. His communication was effective, and I was very grateful that he stood right by me when I was feeling very scared and uneasy about going in alone. Mark presented himself very well. He will be my go to guy in the future. He was very fair with his rate which allowed me to retain him at that time. Thank you again.

    Natalie H.

    Mark was very helpful and informative through the entire process. I greatly appreciated how knowledgeable he was and how he was able to think a few steps in advance to prepare for all scenarios. Thanks Mark

    Marcela B.

    Mark McGowan is the best attorney in the desert. He is a one man office. Does everything quickly & efficiently & for a fair price not like other big firms. He is also very kind & friendly & cares about his clients. Give him a call; you will not be sorry!

    Linda T.

    Mark is incredibly kind, professional and efficient! We had Mark review our real estate contract and he did an exceptional job! He was extremely thorough and detailed in his review.

    Kajal P.

    I *highly* recommend Mark!!! While he’s very knowledgeable and works hard for his clients, the best part is he’s really easy to talk to and makes things simpler! So glad I found him and will happily recommend him to everyone I know!

    Julie B.

    Amazing lawyer, Direct, Wise and Professional. This is how I will describe him, but he is more than just that. He helped me understand any issues I had. He knows how to make you feel Welcome, comfortable. I will definitely recommend him.

    Jose B.

    This Attorney was high profile. Quick services and well worth taking the time to negotiate terms. Once hired, he was done with my whole legal matter within a couple of days. Friendly and very efficient work style. 2 Thumbs up.

    Jordan G.

    Mark was incredibly organized, efficient and honest to me and my mother for the documents that we needed. He didn’t try to sell us anything that we didn’t need for his own benefit. He 100% kept us in mind with everything he recommended.

    Jonathan W.

    I highly recommend Mr. Mark McGowan, I had a very difficult situation that required his expertise, and I am so impressed with his help and his involvement in my case.

    Jennifer R.

    Mark was an invaluable resource when it came to protecting my rights in the courtroom. His attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. Mark is very accessible, diligent and dependable . He addressed a whole set of legal issues with a thorough understanding of applicable law articulated in an easily understood manner, and with common sense. Highly recommended.

    Gary W.

    Great service, very knowledgeable, and honest, he promptly scheduled a meeting with us. He gave us all the answers to our questions, and he told us straight out where we stood. He also gave us good advice. I strongly recommend his service.

    Ed R.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for many years and have relied on him as my legal guru for issues regarding trusts, litigation, probate, business law, real estate and family law. He is simply the best: personable, knowledgeable, diligent – and his fees are reasonable, especially given the quality of attentive service he personally provides. A class act in the office and in court, he aggressively protects my interests. You can tell he really cares about his clients.

    Didona M.

    I am really impressed with Mark’s integrity. He not only listened, but heard me. He is a quick thinker and decisive without being pushy. Mark really helped by providing me all the tools I needed to make decisions for my security and my future. He is very kind and supportive; although I hope I don’t need to see him again, I know that I’ll be comfortable if I do.

    Danielle W.

    We really looked forward to our meetings with Mark. That may be a fairly unique statement to make about one’s lawyer, but it’s the absolute truth. A rare and gifted blend of professionalism, personality, and authenticity, along with first class results. You could hardly ask for more. Mark McGowan gets an enthusiastic 5 stars from us.

    Thomas J.

    Mark McGowen was the only Attorney that would take my case after calling several other firms. When I tell people I am hiring him, I always get a good nod. He is direct and to the point, which is cost efficient to a single, professional like me. I would recommend him and give him 5 stars.

    P. A.

    Most importantly I found attorney McGowan to be honest and ethical. He told me what he was going to do and followed through to the letter. He was responsive, available, patient and took the time to make sure that he understood what I wanted and that I understood exactly the ramifications of what I had him do for me. He also made suggestions beyond the scope of his work to help me accomplish what I was trying to do. Attorney McGowan gave me alternate plans of action to save me money. When I had a slight issue about his fees, without hesitation he quickly resolved them in my favor to my utmost satisfaction. Again, honest and ethical. I without reservation would recommend Attorney McGowan to resolve your legal problems.

    John M.

    Mark McGowan helped us with Estate Planning and an Equity Sharing Agreement. He was professional, personable and efficient.

    Jack P.

    No question… Mark McGowan is the best. He has been helping me with my Living Trust and updates for many years and I would highly recommend him. His expertise is exceptional and he is very professional and easy to work with. A great listener as well. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and can explain the ins and out of trust and estate planning …. You must call Mark McGowan.

    V. C.

    Mark did an excellent job for me, navigating complex CA courts for a probate case. Process was delayed due to Covid, but he kept me informed all throughout the way. Would recommend.

    Neil M.

    I was married to a lawyer for 20 years when I lived in L.A. Last year I moved to the desert and needed to find an attorney to draft my will and set up a family trust. Mr. McGowan was recommended by a friend, and I’m so glad I retained him to handle my legal affairs. He was friendly, professional and his fees were very reasonable. Had I used a lawyer in L.A. to perform the work, it would have cost me double or triple what Mr. McGowan charged. In addition, I was so impressed with his services, I recommended him to my boyfriend to handle a real estate transaction. Once again, Mr. McGowan provided an excellent and speedy resolution of the matter. I cannot recommend Mr. McGowan highly enough……5 stars doesn’t do him justice……..he’s a 10 star lawyer!

    Anne D.

    Mark helped me with my trust many times. Everything he did was perfect. He explained everything to me & made good suggestions. He has lots of patience, is kind & very friendly. He does everything himself & very quickly. I highly recommend him.

    Frances T.

    Facing the need for a legal document on an impossible time schedule, I contacted Mark McGowan, explained the urgent need and he was kind enough to meet with us the same day, spend time clearly answering our questions and had our document ready the next day! He is extremely knowledgeable, positive and his fee was reasonable. I will definitely enlist his estate planning knowledge in the future!

    Bev M.

    Mr. McGowan is a very patient and professional estate planning attorney. He took the time to answer the many questions my Mom, sister and myself had about the process. His hourly rates are not the lowest out there, but in the end his services will end up saving you much more than you spend on a proper estate plan. I recommend him for all levels of estate planning.

    P. K.

    Mark helped my parents put a trust together many years ago. As things have changed, Mark has provided great service whenever we have needed help. He is responsive in meeting with us and has frequently accommodated last minute visits when I come from out of town. He is friendly and knowledgeable.

    Laura S.

    Mark is a true professional. He has worked on estate planning for several generations of my family and he always exceeds expectations. When you sit down with Mark, you immediately know you have made the right choice.

    James L.

    We visited Mark McGowan to establish an Estate Plan and Equity Sharing agreement. Our situation involved some unique considerations. Mark was very professional, attentive and personable. We valued the experience and are very happy with the results.

    Jack V.

    Two friends of mine as well as myself have used the services of Mark McGowan over the past seven years for estate planning as well as a financial elderly abuse case. Mark has provided superior counsel and service in all instances and given us peace of mind.

    David H.

    We lost my brother a year ago. Unfortunately he didn’t leave a will. He left some assets, and my parents and I had no clue how to conduct all the legal issues alone. My company, where I have worked for 26 years, highly recommends Mark as a probate lawyer. My parents, who don’t speak English, had lots of questions which Mark answered in Spanish for them, which we weren’t expecting him to be bilingual. So that was a really unexpected surprise for my family. As a representative for my other sibling, all questions were answered with details and sincerity. We would’ve been lost without Mark’s help. I am grateful for the respect he showed my parents. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs a probate lawyer.

    Maria R.

    Mark McGowan is the ultimate trustworthy professional for both legal and investment services. My parents used Mark for many years from preparation of their family trust, to entrusting him with their investment strategies. In the past year, Mark assisted me in successfully navigating the legal and financial complexities of settling my parents estate. Needless to say, it was an easy decision to transfer my own investments to Mark.

    Pat G.

    I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by Mark McGowan. From the very first consultation, Mark demonstrated a deep understanding of trust and estate law, putting our concerns at ease. Mark is not only highly knowledgeable, but also incredibly personable and attentive to the specifics of the situation.

    Throughout the entire process, Mark exhibited a level of professionalism that truly sets his services apart. Mark took the time to explain complex legal concepts in a way that was easy for us to understand, empowering my wife and I to make informed decisions about our trust and estate plans.

    What stood out the most to us was Mark’s genuine commitment to ensuring our family’s best interests were protected, and the personalized approach made us feel like more than just his clients. Thank you Mark.

    Mike J.

    Mark McGowan is an exemplary attorney. He gives great counsel. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, and an experienced Estate Planner. But most importantly, he listened and readily anticipated my legal needs and questions and solved my concerns. It is my pleasure to recommend Attorney Mark McGowan with a 5-star rating for professionalism, and for taking a huge burden off my shoulders.

    Jane B.

    Mark McGowan is a great lawyer! He helped me to resolve a challenging business dispute. Mr. McGowan excels as a mediator. Not only is Mark an objective arbitrator, but he’s a great negotiator when he’s fighting for you! More importantly, the prescient guidance he provided throughout the process was invaluable.  I am thankful to have worked with him on this matter.

    Mark has given me excellent legal advice many times over the years. I’ve always been really happy with the outcome. If you want to win, choose Mark McGowan.

    Mykolas M.

    One of the top attorneys in the area, and I highly recommend. I recently went to Mark with a civil issue that was causing me issues. He immediately heard my issue and then went ahead and gave me legal advice on how to best approach the situation. I was completely happy with retaining him and getting his help, and highly recommend him for any legal affairs one may have.

    Alba A.

    I needed to set up an S corporation and just happened to find Mark on Google. Mark was thorough and explained everything well. He was able to get me all set up. I’ll certainly recommend him to my friends.

    Koff S.

    Mr. McGowan is a true professional, very organized and efficient. He helped our company save thousands of dollars. Delivered quality work and deep knowledge of Business Law.

    Herman S.

    Mark has helped us out at Erkies Electrical Heating and Air with a couple employee issues. We were very grateful for his guidance.

    Dane F.

    I am writing this review to express my appreciation to Mr. Mark McGowan for his legal services. I hope that someone else reading this review will benefit from his legal counsel as well. Mr. McGowan has many years of experience in civil litigation, business law, real estate, family law, trust & probate law, and estate planning. 

    I reached out to him after being involved in a serious motor vehicle collision, in which I was injured. He was very professional and handled all aspects of my case in a timely and attentive manner. He patiently walked me through every step of the legal process. The legal representation I received was exceptional. I highly recommend Mr. McGowan to anyone looking for a diligent, knowledgeable attorney who will provide you with a professional experience tailored to your needs.

    Monika M.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Mark McGowan. I hired him regarding an employment matter, and found him very professional, responsive and a very effective communicator. He helped me solve my problem quickly and efficiently.

    Keri T

    I hired Mark to draft a business agreement. He came highly recommended by my CPA. Mark did excellent work and importantly he completed the work very promptly to meet my needs. I recommend him highly.

    Bob S.

    Dear Mark,

    On the legal side you have given my wife and me peace of mind with your diligent review and update of our Family Trust and Wills. The complexity and pitfalls that await anyone without a Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, etc. can only be explained and limited by a person of your caliber.

    Thank you for the extra effort you have extended on our behalf, and feel free to share my feelings and opinions with whomever you choose.


    Anthony W.

    Three years ago, my wife passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. As a result, I was left with several complicated issues that needed to be addressed legally. I was referred to Mark McGowan, who I met with shortly thereafter. I was immediately impressed.

    Mark listened intently, asked tough questions and was always interested in my opinion. I never felt uncomfortable or rushed in any of our meetings. His advice was spot on.

    In summary, Mark pointed me in the right direction, kept me focused, and gently guided me through the most difficult time of my life.

    Brian S.

    We have never been in a situation where we absolutely needed an attorney. But the time came when we did. Mark was recommended to us by work associates. From the very beginning at our first meeting, after listening to our explanations, Mark put us at ease with the words, “I want you to set your worries aside, I do this every day and I’m very good at what I do.” Those confidently spoken words did calm our concerns.

    After carefully listening and asking more questions, Mark went into action. Over time, our situation was resolved with Mark keeping us informed both verbally and in writing every step of the way. Mark is the definition of professionalism and his explanations were clear and concise.

    Hopefully we will never need an attorney again, but if we do it will be comforting to return to Mark once again. Just as he said during his first meeting, he is very good at what he does!

    Ron and Sue S.

    Dear Mark, You have been my go to person for the last 4+ years in my domestic partner situation. The last several months you have given me advices that I was sometimes reluctant to take. Fortunately I followed your advice and it saved me a great deal of money I had expected to have to pay. Your professional expertise I am sure I will seek in the future. My sincere thank you for your work on my part.

    Yours truly,

    Peggy M.

    I have worked with Mark McGowan since 2009. Mark has been reliable and reasonable (fees) throughout a complicated probate issue. I count on Mark and his top notch office staff to inform and educate me on issues that periodically arise. Even when I lived overseas, Mark’s staff kept in touch. They were able to submit documents on my behalf and reschedule appearances when needed. His calm and always professional demeanor is reassuring when appearing in court. I would whole-heartedly recommend Mark McGowan.

    Christine M.

    Dear Mark,

    You may not recall this, but my wife and I are second generation clients of yours. You prepared my Mother’s updated trust documents following her move to the desert. That’s how we came to contact you. And now having completed the update of our own trust, I just want to say thanks for a great job. Also, thank you for exceeding our timeline and cost expectations! It was all good!

    Happy New Year to you and Elder Mae

    Charles V.

    Mark McGowan has been my attorney for over ten years. He handles all my personal trust affairs in a professional manner. He has always been available to take my calls and answer any questions or concerns that I may have.

    Additionally, Mark’s assistant Elder Mae, is very knowledgeable and helpful.

    I would certainly recommend Mark’s office to anyone who is looking for a dignified, professional, and knowledgeable law practice.


    Marie C.

    Mark McGowan has done a wonderful job in handling my affairs in an efficient and professional manner. His ability to explain complicated issues to me makes important issues easier to make. Mark is very professional and puts you at ease, because you know quickly that you have come to the right place and are in good hands.

    His intelligence and legal education are at the highest level, as you can tell from his Stanford University and Stanford Law School background. He is also a man of highest integrity and character. And his fees are surprisingly reasonable.

    I would strongly recommend Mark’s office to anyone.


    Nona E.

    Mark is very important in our lives. Mark is very comfortable to work with; so much so that though my wife is not very interested in such things, she is very comfortable sitting and speaking with Mark about any matter. We would highly recommend him to anyone and, in fact, became acquainted with him through a referral made by our neighbor about 12 years ago who had used Mark for many, many years, and we are very happy that she sent him our way, and absolutely would recommend him to any of our friends, relatives or neighbors.

    Harry W.

    I actually was going to interview 3 individuals and as soon as I found Mark, I knew he was the one. I found him to be very interested in me personally in that he wanted to know about my whole background. ….Mark’s practice is unique in that I am able to go to him for not only legal matters but financial matters. It is all kind of under one roof and I don’t have to go to an extra party.

    Yolande G.

    Mark is a Stanford University Phi Beta Kappa graduate and a graduate of Stanford Law School. He has served the Desert since 1987 and has an integrated practice which can be of great value to clients.

    Bill K.

    Mark McGowan has been a great help to me, setting up my trust, advising me on real estate holdings and my farm here in Georgia. His ability to explain complicated issues to me makes important issues easier to make. I would recommend him and in fact I now run things by him before I sign anything. We all have holes in our education and a fellow like Mark can protect us from ourselves.

    Lu G.

    Mark McGowan has done a wonderful job in handling our estate planning for over 10 years. Mark has responded to all of our questions and concerns with great thoroughness.

    My wife and I feel that we couldn’t be in better hands.

    Dean F.

    Dear Mark,

    We appreciate the sound advice and attention to detail that you provided in the recent preparation of our estate, trust, and health related documents.

    You let us express our concerns, interests, and wishes, and then explained how they could be accomplished in the most effective way. Of particular note was your emphasis on the details of estate administration and taxation minimization. Also, your inquiry technique of many “what ifs” really brought everything into focus.

    Our thanks to you and also your most able, efficient and pleasant administrative assistant.


    Howard & Monique C.


    We have utilized you and your legal talents over the past 10+ years, and as this is the beginning of a new year, we wanted to say how much we appreciate your efforts. Your continued professionalism and timely approach to our issues, ranging from real estate arbitration to advice and execution of our trusts, have ensured us of peace of mind.

    Thank you.

    Bob & Norma S.

    Mark has handled by legal issues quickly and efficiently. I have complete satisfaction with his services. His assistant, Elder Mae, is also extremely knowledgable and quite an asset to Mark’s practice.

    Kim B.

    For the Desert Bar Attorney Recognition Award I submit the name of Mark McGowan for your consideration.

    As his co-worker I this year witnessed Mark’s working through the entire year for hundreds of tough hours above and beyond the very small amount for which he could be paid in order to protect others’ inheritance interests that included that of a five-year old beneficiary whose best interests would have otherwise been unrepresented, and whose beneficiary interests would have been otherwise jeopardized.

    This was done by Mark at great personal sacrifice, in the face of retaliatory tactics and bad faith litigation, to see that Decedent’s trust terms were not ignored or trampled upon, that there be accountability, and that the right thing be done.

    Hats off to Mark, who has so earned the recognition of his peers, who hold him in high regard.

    E. M. McClellan

    I found myself needing to seek legal conservatorship over my mother’s estate due to a terminal illness. Mark McGowan was the first and only attorney I called. We met a few days later. After our initial meeting, I felt and knew that everything would be handled with professionalism and grace. And it was. My husband and I consider Mark McGowan our attorney for our estate now, and a consummate professional that our children will be able to rely on in the future.

    James P.

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